More info about the Cashless Pension Card

Will Scott Morrison really bring in a cashless pension card?

Yes, his own Minister for Social Services, Anne Ruston, admitted in a Channel 7 Interview that "we are seeking to put all income management onto the universal platform... the cashless debit card".

What has Scott Morrison’s government said about the cashless debit card?

Scott Morrison's government has indicated multiple times that they intend on expanding the cashless debit card to include all pensioners. Click here to see just how many times they've flagged their plan.

What is the cashless debit card?

The cashless debit card quarantines at least 80 per cent of your payment on a separate card. It can only be used at shops approved by the government.

What does the cashless debit card prevent you from buying?

Unless the store has a special agreement, you won’t be able to buy any goods at the store. The card will also stop you from purchasing gift cards.

Does the cashless debit card prevent you from going to a pub or a club?

You can’t use the card to buy alcohol. You could only buy meals if the pub or club has a special agreement.

Who operates the cashless debit card?

The card is operated by a private company called Indue.

Can the private operators see your personal details if you are on a cashless debit card?

The private company will be able to see how much money you have, and where you shop, and what you buy.

Will people be able to tell I am on a cashless debit card?

The card looks different from an ordinary credit or debit card. So checkout operators and other people nearby will know you are using a cashless debit card.

Will you sign the petition calling on the federal government to immediately:

  1. Apologise to Australian pensioners for the cashless pension control card plan.
  2. Repeal all legislation that enables the cashless card and scrap the scheme.
  3. Cancel the contract with Indue, the private company that runs and profits from the cashless card scheme.
  4. Stop the further privatisation of Centrelink.